What are the common problems with luxury bag care?

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What are the common problems with luxury bag care?

Postby readfashion » Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:06 am

1. "Sunshine":

Bags also need to be sun care like a skin at any time. The difference is that it does not require you to apply some sunscreen, isolate the spray or anything, as long as you do not let your love bag touch the sun or close to any strong heat source Well, and for those delicate leather wallets, cosmetic bags or anything, as far as possible in a compartmental zipper bag can be guaranteed to be foolproof.

Solution: To prevent death, we must avoid direct exposure to strong light sources and ultraviolet rays. In short, we must be careful about the excessive invasion of light.

2. Frozen experience:

It should be noted that some packages simply cannot withstand freezing cold, such as: Replica Chanel Bags, when the temperature difference is 40 °C, it will be prone to cracks and cracks.

Solution: In cold weather and extremely cold places, such as: refrigerators, freezers and other places should pay attention to warm the bag, try not to let it touch the extremely cold environment, it is better to save it in a comfortable and safe temperature and place as well .

3. "Dust" flying:

The best way to avoid gray bags is to diligently wipe and maintain it, but you can't just use a damp rag to just scrabble like a silky towel every night.

Solution: Regularly wipe the dust with a soft, white cloth to keep the bag bright as new (especially for lambskin & soft calfskin bags) Greatly cleaned once a month

4. "Scars" are numerous:

When your Fake Fashion Bag accidentally gets stains, don't yell and rush to wipe it, and messy handling may make things worse.

Solution: Slight stains - Wipe the stain with a sponge that is moistened with soap, then gently wipe it with a soft, soft cloth for a second time. Allow the bag to dry naturally. Heavy stains - Look for a piece of leather with the same color and rub it with alcohol, but be careful and gentle in order to avoid scratching the skin. (Lambskin needs special attention!)

5. "Dashui" flood irrigation:

If your knock off designer bags does not come with a waterproof and moisture-proof function, it is recommended that you always have some powerful water-absorbing tools at your side (such as sponges, paper towels, and even oil-absorbing papers).

Solution: When you get a variety of sap, remove the suction tool immediately and dry the liquid, then you can find the rag to wipe the spot with warm water. Afterwards, you can use a low concentration of detergent powder to wipe it again. Finally let Bag dried. remember! Leather bags are tens of millions of hours away from rain, and life must protect them when storms strike!

6. "Rust" spots:

The hardware must remember to keep it dry, otherwise it would be a bit nerve-wracking if the old-style iron pots that make up the hot water in the winter are "rust" and stained.

Solution: Slight rust marks - Wipe it gently with a rubbing silver cloth (Note: Do not clean the silver cloth with dirt and then black, otherwise it is very easy to wash off the special coating of rubbed silver cloth. It is useless oh) Severe rust marks - with a clean cotton cloth to take a little tung oil and wipe it will be bright as new!

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