Nike Flyknit Trainer Earnings with regard to First time

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Jin as a technical advisor for many years.

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Re: Nike Flyknit Trainer Earnings with regard to First time

Postby valentino11 » Fri May 04, 2018 6:38 pm ABS new rule requires Nike Hoodie the austenite grain size of raw materials for all grades of mooring chain steel meet the requirements of Grade 6. In the current inspection report of mooring chain steel products,the inspection items include austenitic grain size detection.

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We understand the factors influencing austenite grain size are mainly related to the mooring chain steel itself (belonging to fine-grained steel grades) and product heat treatment. According to the continuous heat treatment Nike Windrunner Women Colors Size M-3XL of mooring chain, the same batch heat treatment process is consistent.It is recommended to take grain size sample according to each heat treatment batch, and this also meets the actual needs of the production process.

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