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Police on Tuesday raided the headquarters of the Panamanian law firm whose leaked Panama Papers revealed how the world's wealthy and powerful used offshore companies to stash assets.

Police with an organized crime unit carried out the raid at Mossack Fonseca "with no incident or interference Air Jordan Retro For Sale Free Shipping ," prosecutors said in a statement, adding that searches would take place at the firm's Panama City headquarters and its branches.

The Panama Papers, centered on a huge cache of documents pilfered digitally from the Mossack Fonseca, has had repercussions around the world.

Iceland's prime minister was forced to resign after his name appeared as one of the beneficiaries of an offshore company. Britain's prime minister has had to disclose his tax records.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sought to divert attention from his entourage by claiming it is all a US plot against him.

And wealthy citizens in Australia, France, India, Mexico Air Jordan Shoes For Sale Free Shipping , Peru, Spain and elsewhere face probes over suspected tax avoidance after their names figured in some of the 11.5 million documents.

British Prime Minister David Cameron's image has taken a beating from the delay in revealing that he held shares in his late father's offshore fund and received money from his parents that may have skirted inheritance tax.

Zhang Yue's industrial park in Changsha showcases his open-minded attitude toward architecture.

A documentary depicts two divergent visions for eco-cities that stir uncertainties about the best way forward. Ming Liu reports from London.

In a scene in Ecopolis - a documentary about Chinese eco-cities - professor Eero Paloheimo is at his home in Finland, sitting in a room of light wood and simple furnishings. "We appreciate wrong things without a good reason," he says. "We don't appreciate useful and necessary things. Instead we appreciate the useless and unnecessary. Because it's luxury."

By 2015, one billion people will be living in Chinese cities, and Ecopolis - a 60-minute documentary in English, Chinese and Finnish - looks at the future of sustainable living in China. The film had its UK premiere last week Air Jordan For Sale Free Shipping , at London's Institute of Contemporary Art, where the screening was followed by a question-and-answer session with director Anna-Karin Gronroos and architectural writer and editor Herbert Wright.

Ecopolis follows two eco-city visionaries - Finnish professor Paloheimo and the Chinese electronics tycoon Zhang Yue. Both men dream of building an eco-city in China, but their two visions could not be more different.

Paloheimo's baby is Eco Valley - a beautiful, spacious city of low, cool buildings that will be designed into the lush hills of Mentougou Valley, in Mentougou district, Beijing Jordan Retro For Sale Free Shipping , and which will be, according to Paloheimo, the new Silicon Valley for sustainable technologies.

Zhang's project is the lofty-sounding Sky City, a soaring, vertical metropolis of a building anchored on three tenets: to be the fastest built, the tallest ("to get your attention") and the most energy-conserving building in the world. Just as with Eco Valley, we are shown sophisticated 3-D renderings of these ideals - in Sky City's case Jordan Shoes For Sale Free Shipping , a gleaming 200-plus floors and outdoor and indoor farms that will feed 20,000 inhabitants. People will live, work and go to school in this self-sustainable elevated world, says the fast-talking maverick Zhang, who has even produced an elaborate, Soviet-styled "Warriors of Broad Sustainable Construction" advertising campaign, that is more akin to propaganda than promotion.

Zhang Yue (left) Authentic Air Jordan Retro For Sale , chairman of the Broad Sustainable Building Group, speaks with an employee.

Over the course of Gronroos' film, we track Paloheimo and Zhang's progress of turning their eco-cities into a reality. At the film's start, Paloheimo is speaking at a sustainability conference, brimming with hope. He is also disparaging of Europe.

"There is too much red tape and bureaucracy," he says. "In China it's taken me only a month to get my project off the ground."

However we begin to witness the struggles that he and Zhang undergo - namely navigating the murky worlds of Chinese government approvals, fundraising campaigns and sustainability tests. From Changsha to Singapore Authentic Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , Oslo to London - plus a painfully awkward "lost in translation" moment in a Beijing restaurant - scene after scene unfolds, showing how power and influence, money and connections play out in a country where relationships reign supreme.

For most of the audience attending the premiere at London's Institute of Contemporary Art - which included several students, one of whom is from Changsha and is studying art history - China's environmental crisis was of predominant concern. Gronroos admits that tackling the subject was not easy. "Even I wondered, 'How do I make this into a film?'" she says. "I had to narrow it down to these two men and their utopian visions."

The audience, much like the film does, challenged the viability of Sky City Authentic Air Jordan For Sale , and its lack of, as one audience member put it, "social consciousness". To this, Gronroos responds that: " (Zhang's) ideas seem strange from a Western point of view. But from a Chinese perspective, I'm not sure. The idea of living in a big tower block like that might seem different to them. I've been thinking a lot about this lately."

Zhang Yue, chairman of the Broad Sustainable Building Group, works in his office.

Wright Authentic Jordan Retro For Sale , who has interviewed Zhang in the past, adds: "The West is full of big, planned, high-density estates, many of which became sink housing. But when you go to Chinese cities, people live in even higher towers, at higher densities - and everything is fine. So there is definitely a mentality difference."

Such dichotomous perspectives and questioning is where the film succeeds. Gronroos also says that she "wanted to make a film where the audience can smile a bit Authentic Jordan Shoes For Sale , because the subject is so heavy". She.

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I have the whole lower half of my subnet set aside for reservations and broken into chunks so like devices are together. And no one really wanted to throw shade on that whether it was true or not because, "there enough bad in the world, we need some feel good stories occasionally." I think these days, though, more and more people just want the truth no matter if it good, bad or indifferent.
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