Nike isn’t giving LeBron James any extra money for joining t

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Nike isn’t giving LeBron James any extra money for joining t

Postby BruceBivens » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:51 am

As the NBA continues to grow, so does fans’ knowledge of the game and the forces around it, the things outside of basketball that sometimes influence nike running shoes man players’ decisions.One such factor that has been bandied about in recent years is the proliferation of clauses in the shoe endorsement contracts of stars that give them extra money for ending up in top media markets, as well as how much extra money those same stars could stand to gain in sales should they end up with a team in a larger city with a more die-hard fanbase.

nike running shoes 2018 Now, as stated above, James will still surely get extra economic benefits from signing with the Lakers, even if he isn’t set for a big bonus right up front. His donning the purple and gold armor will be enough to convince countless fans who would have never considered buying his shoes before to cop a pair, as well as how much extra revenue James will receive from sales of his Lakers jersey, which will almost assuredly be one of the league’s top sellers this season.

nike air max 90 womens sale cheap But while such financial factors were probably a factor in James’ decision making, his committing to the Lakers for at least three years also shows that this is something more than a quick cash-in. James is in this for the long-haul (at least in NBA terms), and is setting up a real foothold in Los Angeles. He might not be getting an up-front payday for it, but such a move seems sure help his bottom line long-term.

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