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reKar is part of a private group motivated to help people find vehicles they love as well as help people looking to move on to other vehicles for whatever reason. Vehicles can be anything on wheels. There are plans to include a section for other types of possessions as well in the near future, such as household items, tools, houses, buildings and businesses.

  • Some people do not have the down payment required to purchase certain cars, trucks and vans.

  • Some people do not have the credit to finance the vehicles they would like to get.

  • Some people have started project vehicles and are unable to complete them.

  • Some people are tired of their specific vehicle and wish to get something else.

  • Some people can no longer afford the payments on the cars they have bought.

reKar looks to help those people through its vast network of knowledgeable trustees.

Have questions? Send an email to

You should receive a response within 24 hours.

Emails are checked daily between 4pm and 10pm.